About the Author

Katie McDougall, a native Nashvillian, first took Fiction Writing as a senior at Colorado College, where she earned her BA in English, and in the twenty-plus years since, she has been writing stories, crafting novels, scribbling in journals, and teaching, reading, selling, breathing literature. She earned her MFA in Fiction Writing at Colorado State University, and her short stories have appeared in BarcelonaReview.com and in Storyglossia.com. Katie’s writing awards have included a four-week writing residency at the Kimmel•Harding•Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska, Association of Writers and Poet Intro. Journals Award Nomination for Colorado State University, and the Paul Gillette Writing Contest Finalist. Katie has over fifteen years experience as a teacher of literature and creative writing, and has also worked as an outdoor educator, a freelance writer, a writing workshop coordinator, a bookseller at Nashville’s fabulous Parnassus Books, and she is currently the co-founder of The Porch Writers' Collective.

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The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel began as a short story in 2005 and over the next seven years blossomed into a novel as though of its own volition. Inside its pages, a restless, small-town teenager is lured to a potters’ compound in the remote hills of New Mexico by her previously absentee mother; an Oregon commune is used as a laboratory for hippy happiness wherein spawns an unlikely and uneven romance; a struggling plein air painter is plagued by paralysis in her art, her job, and her love life after an inappropriate encounter with one of her high school students. Through these seemingly disparate plot lines, the novel weaves together the story of Missy Burbank and her divided, eccentric family over several decades and through a litany of mistakes in life and love toward a deeper understanding of what it means to live authentically. 





The Porch Writers' Collective

Katie is a proud co-founder of the Porch Writer’s Collective, Nashville’s new and dedicated nonprofit literary center. As Nashville’s creative culture thrives, The Porch serves as a home base for its creative writers, fueling Nashville's many muses through workshops, events, retreats, contests, and outreach.

Our Mission: The Porch fosters the artistic and professional development of writers and promotes a vibrant and diverse literary culture in Nashville through educational, inspiring, and community building opportunities and events for adults and youth.

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